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Envision a place where children, students and adults actively participate in the production, distribution and sale of food in their community. In other words, a City that Feeds Itself.


We are a one-stop shop for educators, nonprofits, community leaders and individuals seeking to learn, train, build and grow!


S.T.E.A.M. Education & School Gardens

A growing number of schools are seeing the benefits of incorporating farm-to-school activities into the academic experience for their K-12 students. We are here to support your school and classroom in the effort!

Workforce Development

The Next Generation of Farmers

Everyone needs to eat, and we need a skilled workforce to make that happen! Our workforce development programs are ideal for learning more about soil-less farming, food systems, agri-tech and more!

Community Social Programs

Therapy and Skill-Building

Our traditional and alternative farming programs (hydroponic/aquaponic) cater to an array of skills and interests. We strongly believe people of all abilities benefit from farming!

One of our first aquaponic system installations which we’ve grown over the years with students. Find it in Jane Callery’s classroom of CREC ASI in New Britain, CT.

Farm-to-School Activities

Farm-to-school /färm/to͞o,tə/sko͞ol/ a program encouraging schools to buy and feature locally produced, farm-fresh foods on their menus. It strengthens local farms and fishery economies and promotes healthy communities. Activities enhance classroom education through hands-on learning related to food, health, agriculture and nutrition. Our CFI program extends farm-to-school activities through curriculum, professional development trainings and farm tours. Check out our Educator Training for more information.

School garden /sko͞ol//gärd(ə)n/ an innovative teaching tool and strategy that lets educators incorporate hand-on activities in a diversity of interdisciplinary, standards-based lessons. It is a soil-based, hydroponic or aquaponic living laboratory where students gain an understanding of ecosystems, an appreciation for food origins and nutrition, and knowledge of plant and animal life cycles. Let our CFI team assist in planning for your next school garden! Live in the Northeast? Check out our limited-time opportunity for raised garden beds! Have a school garden but need maintenance and support? Contact us, we are experienced in supporting soil-based, hydroponic and aquaponic classroom systems across the Northeast!

Jill Shea, Trifecta Ecosystem’s Regional Farm Manager, discusses our approach to indoor aquaponic farming with professionals from around the world during the 7th annual Aquaponic Association Conference.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development /ˈwərkfôrs/dəˈveləpmənt/ initiatives that educate and train individuals to meet the needs of current and future business and industry in order to maintain a sustainable competitive economic environment. Whether your looking to enhance your basic skills or would like to sharpen your current training in soil-based, hydroponic or aquaponic systems, we are here to help you reach your goals. Our CFI workforce development workshops are providing 21st century farmers a practical foundation in agriculture and aquaponics to pursue careers related to controlled environment agriculture, science and engineering, and in return, contribute to building CFI! Individuals and groups are welcomed, reach out to learn more about which workshop is right for you!

Our Trifecta Ecosystems team having some fun with our Midstate Arc participants. The Midstate Arc - a nonprofit dedicated to enabling people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead more independent and fulfilling lives - uses indoor aquaponic farming as a way to increase social integration and support participants in reaching their full potential.


Social Programs

Social programs /ˈsōSHəl/ˈprōˌɡram/ organized work intended to advance the social conditions of a community. Oftentimes, work is in the form of services addressing poverty, improving economic opportunities for low-income youth and adults, or other services directed toward vulnerable citizens. Our CFI social programs are specifically designed with and for nonprofits providing services in self-sufficiency, rehabilitation, re-entry and intellectual and developmentally disabled populations. We provide therapeutic farms, skill-training and social integration programs for individuals and groups across our community. Curious to learn more? Contact us to explore how we can support your programming!


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